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Scholarships Announced for The Resilience Toolkit Facilitator Certification Program

By October 20, 2021June 27th, 2023No Comments

The Resilience Toolkit Training Alliance is pleased to announce the first-ever scholarships for Cohort 12 of The Resilience Toolkit Facilitator Certification Program. These scholarships were generously underwritten by an anonymous donor and will increase representation, equity, and access to the Toolkit Facilitator Training Program.

Toolkit creator and Director of Certification Nkem Ndefo says, “Our hope is that this scholarship makes an impact in the lives of people who hold identities that are historically and systemically marginalized and who live and work in geographical areas that are historically and systemically marginalized.” 

With a focus on recruiting applicants who are part of the Global South, or where there are currently no Resilience Toolkit Facilitators, these scholarships seek to bring The Toolkit and its groundbreaking framework for transformation to people and communities that would otherwise not have access.

Currently, there are two $1,000 USD scholarships, which reduces the certification cost to $2,700 USD. 

Scholarship applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Resilience Toolkit Certification Training Team. To be considered for Cohort 12, applications must be received by 10 December 2021.

Preference will be given for applicants who:

  • Have completed Resilience Toolkit Certification Program prerequisites
  • Hold historically and systematically marginalized identities
  • Live and work in geographical areas and with individuals, organizations, and/or communities that are historically and systematically marginalized
  • Live and work in the Global South
  • Live and work in areas where there are no Resilience Toolkit Facilitators
  • Describe a clear plan for using their Resilience Toolkit training with marginalized individuals, organizations, and/or communities
  • Agree to complete a post-certification quarterly survey tracking the impact of their Resilience Toolkit work, including demographics and numbers of people reached. 

Applicants will be notified of their selection by email four weeks before the start of each training cohort. For Cohort 12, applicants will be notified by 17 December 2021.

Applicants who are not selected will have the option to roll their application over for the subsequent training cohort. 

To apply for The Resilience Toolkit Facilitator Training Program Scholarship, please fill out this Google Form.