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Learn the Toolkit

Increase your capacity to meet and recover from life’s challenges with The Resilience Toolkit.  Presented in a trauma-informed framework, The Resilience Toolkit identifies your symptoms of stress and empowers you to respond effectively so you can feel more calm and resilient.

Learn in a Group

Group practice of The Resilience Toolkit is safe for all body types and is easily adaptable for any fitness level or mobility challenge. Classes and workshops are offered both in person and online.

Group practice is appropriate for:

  • Anyone who is comfortable in a group setting
  • People who wish to participate and benefit from shared experience.
  • People with ability to travel to host location OR people with reliable internet access and a camera/mic equipped computer or mobile device and a quiet, private space to attend

After completing The Resilience Toolkit, you can practice it independently at your convenience. Groups are the most affordable way to learn The Resilience Toolkit.

Find a Workshop or Event:

Enroll in an upcoming session of The Resilience Toolkit.

Learn Individually

Individual practice with a Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit is recommended for:

  • Anyone who prefers a 1:1 experience
  • For people who have been specifically referred by a medical or mental health professional
  • For those who would like additional time and flexibility to address their specific concerns
  • For people with significant dysregulation due to shock trauma or severe complex trauma
  • For people who are interested in embarking on a journey of healing trauma with a skilled practitioner

Find a facilitator:

Click to search our database of Certified Facilitators of The Resilience Toolkit.


Learning The Resilience Toolkit in a group or individually is a prerequisite for admission to our certification program. Click below to find out about becoming a Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit.

Get Certified

Not sure if group or individual practice is right for you?

Contact us at info@theresiliencetoolkit.co or 323-254-7775 to discuss your specific needs with our client relations manager.