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The Resilience Toolkit

A practical and responsive framework for transformation.

The Resilience Toolkit is a system for reducing stress and growing resilience in individuals, organizations, and communities so they can envision, create, and implement positive change.

The Toolkit teaches you how to recognize your own stress and relaxation cycles. You’ll understand when your stress is helping or harming you. You’ll learn how to choose from a menu of quick, effective stress-reduction tools. And you’ll build your new skills into deep, lasting habits that effect powerful transformation over time.  


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When people are relaxed and resourced, they have the power to change the systems that are creating stress and trauma. The Resilience Toolkit empowers individuals to choose evidence-based tools that regulate the nervous system, build capacity, and increase social engagement. A regulated nervous system means an increased ability to connect, collaborate, and creatively solve problems. This is the first step in healing individuals and systems. This is transformative resilience.


Untreated stress negatively impacts people, organizations, communities, and society as a whole. Most methods of addressing stress fall short because they fail to consider systemic causes and individualize responsibility. People are worn down by economic and political systems that disenfranchise the individual AND by family and cultural systems that perpetuate violence and isolation. Telling someone to meditate when they are stuck in traumatic circumstances does not acknowledge the source of distress or empower people to create change. To truly reduce stress and trauma in society, we must travel upstream to the source of people’s suffering. The Resilience Toolkit goes right to the root and seeks to heal our harmful systems.


How can people change systems if we’re overwhelmed, burned out, and sick? By regulating the nervous system, individuals can grow an inner resilience that enables them to face stressors in their life and more effectively advocate for themselves and others. By implementing The Resilience Toolkit, individuals, organizations, and communities lay the foundation for healing and permanent systems change. Learn more about The Resilience Toolkit.

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As a psychotherapist, I took the online Resilience Toolkit so that I could share it with clients as a resource. I found it very educational, practical and useful, both personally and professionally.

Melanie CoughlinMA, LMFT

As a physical therapist, I am acutely aware of the effects of stress on my patients’ bodies. I had been searching for new tools to help patients (and myself) mitigate stress’ harmful patterns. Mindfulness practices seem to help, but something was missing. The Resilience Toolkit Workshop was exactly what I was looking for. What a novel and enlightening approach to understanding stress! You will learn how to recognize your body’s manifestations of stress and what to do about it. Moreover, you will learn behavioral change techniques to allow you to consistently incorporate The Toolkit into your daily life.

Chantal DonnellyMPT

I very much enjoyed learning the simple yet effective body-based techniques taught in The Resilience Toolkit. Just a few motions and a few minutes to reset to a more balanced body and mind has very much helped soothe my day to day stresses and irritations.

Melanie WilliamsCompliance/Regulatory Associate

I highly recommend The Resilience Toolkit. Nkem Ndefo has synthesized her vast experiences and expertise to present multiple practices, appropriate at various levels of nervous system activation, for the cultivation of resilience. The work is presented with a trustworthy gentleness, and honors one's response to various forms of mindfulness and tremoring. I found the workshop very educational and instructive, and walked away with a better understanding of and access to vital resources for myself and others, in my work as a social worker.

Sophie Davis-CohenLCSW

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