Misha Agunos

Misha (she/her) is a Black, Filipina, queer, neuroexpansive* embodiment facilitator and practitioner. She co-creates trauma-informed learning & embodiment spaces with the goal of helping folks feel more like themselves, experience more of their time as their own, and to explore being enamored with the language of our own bodies. She aims to create spaces where people can remember that, just as we can bring physical offerings to our earthly altars, so too can we bring offerings of rest, restoration, and reclamation to the altars of mind, body, spirit, and communities. As a long-time social dancer, performer, dance instructor, and pole dancer, she is fascinated with how spaces of connection, leisure, and pleasure can cultivate community practices that orient us to collective liberation–constantly asking: “how can we craft communal spaces that connect folks with day-to-day practices of dismantling of systems of oppression within ourselves, our communities, and the world at large?” She thrives most in collaborative, co-creative partnerships in which asking the right questions informs how we allow the answers to emerge with equity, experimentation, and the willingness to be new at things as needed. [*term coined by Ngozi Alston intended specifically for use by Black disabled people]

Los Angeles, CA, USA 90008
Pronouns She/her
Languages English
Works Online Yes
Type of Certification Level I
Specialties embodied movement, social dance, those new to stress navigation